Tuesday, September 2, 2008

change is in the air

I love this time of year. The sunlight is already beginning to have a fall quality to it, the air smells fresher, and the nights are cooler. Change is definitely in the air!

When I first started this blog, I had plans to start a new job this coming winter, however, due to circumstances largely outside of my control, I will be continuing to practice here for a while. As you may know from reading my previous blogs, I do primarily outpatient care; our local hospital is ill-equipped for inpatient pediatric care. I worked hard as a resident to learn hospital medicine, and I'm afraid I'll lose those skills. So, I've decided to do some prn work as a hospitalist in Albuquerque. I am very excited about this, which is a little surprising to me, since I was very happy to leave the hospital as a resident. However, now that I've been away from that environment for some time, I really miss it! I had an interview last week, and it just brought this fact home to me. I like the challenge of these patients, I love the newborns, and it will be enjoyable to be around other pediatricians and pediatric support staff for a change. I think I'll learn a lot, I will refresh my skills, and I'll bring a unique perspective to the group, coming from a rural setting. I'm ready for this change/challenge.

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