Sunday, August 24, 2008


I have to admit, I've spent a fair bit of my free time watching the Olympics during the last couple of weeks. I love to watch and dream of being in the shoes of the athletes, pushing myself to get another gold medal. If only I had been a better swimmer or fencer or soccer player, I could just have been there!! Or not!! But I do feel like a kid again when I watch the games. And when I can myself out of bed in the morning to go for a swim before work, I imagine I'm competing, until I notice that I'm the only one in the pool and that I'm not exactly breaking any records. It's still fun though to think there are serious athletes who enjoy doing what I'm doing.

Doing my sprint triathlon a few weeks ago, it was pretty neat knowing that I was doing a miniature version of what an elite group of Olympians was doing on the same day. I was also frustrated when my time was slow...I should be faster, better than this, I thought, yet I didn't exactly train religiously! But, like the athletes, I too have spent some time training heavily to do what I do, and, to do it well, I continue to train reading journals, etc. I also enjoy participating in activities outside of work/training, like spending time with my husband, cooking, reading, traveling, and working out as I continue with my medal dreams! So here's a salute to all the regular working people who compete in their own Olympics every day, walking the balance beam of work and family, running 10000m of errands after work, doing a triathlon at work of seeing patients, completing administrative duties, and completing paperwork,'s a silly analogy, but true if you really start to think about it! Now, if I could just get a set of abs like they all seem to have!!

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