Thursday, July 3, 2008

Musical MDs

I've decided to have a theme each week, at least for a little while, to see how that goes. So, since my first post of this week had to do with Mozart, I'll continue with music.

When I decided to go into medicine, I had always imagined I would join a doctor's orchestra. There are several in the United States, including Houston, Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Washington, DC and Philadelphia, based on a google search. They are extremely common and well-respected in Europe. I did wonder, though, whether rehearsal would sound more like a symphony of pagers going off than Beethoven!

I feel that medicine and music fit well together, and I can understand why it is a common hobby among doctors. Both require attention to detail, looking ahead, and a good ear. I think I had an easier time learning to auscultate in medical school because I was used to attentive listening and to blocking out noise around me. I also think memorizing music throughout my childhood helped me academically. I also learned the discipline I needed to stay focused in medical school. As a ten year old, this discipline came by the command of my parents; usually, I would have preferred to stay outside and keep playing kickball rather than go in and practice, but I didn't exactly have a choice.

I am attaching a video, I hope, of one of my favorite cellists, Pablo Casals, playing one of my favorite pieces of chamber music, Beethoven's Piano Trio No. 7 in B flat major, opus 97, 1st movement. How cool is that that it is posted on YouTube!!


Emily said...

Alex! You are famous!!! I am so glad to see you doing this. I am going to send it to Hilary right now. -Emily Hannon

Alex Cvijanovich said...

thanks, Em!!! how do i reach you?