Thursday, June 5, 2008


I am just not feeling very inspired, so I'm stuck writing about something that has had me fired up for several months now, even if it is political.

Is anybody else confused and annoyed by the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton? Maureen Dowd, in yesterday's NY Times, wrote an excellent op-ed column on the subject. Then I heard on NPR this morning that she and Bill will host a party on Saturday night in Washington, DC, which will officially "suspend" her campaign. What does that mean? Does it mean that she'll be ready to go in case Obama changes his mind and decides that he doesn't want to be president after all? I agree with the democrats that they need to focus on unifying the party to improve the chances of not only winning the presidency, but also winning seats in both houses. McCain has had the full support of his party for several months now, and even though the race between Clinton and Obama has somewhat overshadowed his campaign, he has been able to focus on his and his party's ultimate goal.

Anyway, now that I've discussed my political views with my readers, I feel better. Maybe this post will prompt some discussion!

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Relientstud said...

I agree with you. You probably are wondering who I am and how did I start reading your blog? well funny thing I was on the blogger home page and it was scrolling through the blogs that had been updated at 1:27 and I clicked and yours was the one that popped up. I enjoyed reading your blog and I will continue to read. Here is my blog... not saying you'd want to know about me, but I never had done anything like read a complete strangers blog before it was enlightening.