Thursday, June 19, 2008

As I'm new to this world of blogging, I'm learning a lot, which absolutely thrills me. There are lots of blogs by physicians out there; however, there is one in particular I enjoy reading:
The author is an eloquent surgeon and his ramblings are fascinating. Needless to say, I feel as though my posts are rather childish and mundane compared to his.

He posted a story today about a mother who was reported to "the authorities" for concern for possible abuse, based on a report by a psychic that the adolescent's educational assistant had gone to see the night before. Yes, a psychic. Do check out the site, as the full story is unbelievable! Now, we've all heard that psychics/astrologists and the like have apparently been consulted by various occupants of the White House, but to base a report to child authorities on this seems absolutely insane. I understand that we live in a world where harm can come to children, unfortunately, and all of us who work with children, be it as teachers, doctors, school bus drivers, whoever, need to be vigilant, but we must use our common sense. This particular story had a happy ending for the family, but I imagine that that is not always the case when a false report gets filed. I worry about both ends of the spectrum - missing a case of non-accidental trauma or sexual abuse AND giving a false, or what turns out to be false, report. Obviously, the latter is preferable in the long run for the child but can be devastating to a family. Anyway, I'm not saying anything people don't know, so I will stop.

I am thrilled to be part of this blogging community. I'm looking forward to seeing how other people's minds work and to becoming another rambling physician....


Andy said...

One tip you might like to try:

When you have a long URL that you want to put into your blog entry, go to, enter your URL, and receive a much tinier URL that works better in a paragraph of text on a web page. I use this also when I email long URLs to people, since word-wrapping in email systems can mess up long URLs.

Alex Cvijanovich said...

Thanks, Andy, that's fantastic! Used it today without a problem, at least not one that I'm aware of yet!