Friday, April 24, 2009

turmoil at home

I have had quite a frustrating, sad week. It seems there was a lot of strange medicine being practiced at my local emergency room, including prescribing antibiotics for viruses. But what really wore me down was a family with several girls and boys. All the children came in this week for well-child exams. They are charming, bright, and cute. However, they have been in and out of foster care as their parents have been in and out of jail. I know kids are resilient, but what kind of chance do these lovely girls and boys have of becoming successful adults? They have role models at school and in the community, and, granted, their parents try hard at times, but they don't have much going for them. We are fortunate to have good mental health services here that I've accessed for them; the teachers at the schools do their best to care for them; and protective services is continually involved. I just look at them now and hope and pray that they can overcome the obstacles in their path.

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